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"Item obtained following opportunistic beatdown by Prowling Thug 36 (Esoomian brawler Bumblethunk)."
―Twirm writes about Bumblethunk in the Smuggler's Guide[src]

Esoomians were a sentient species. The brawler Bumblethunk was an Esoomian who served the criminal Razzi Syndicate as Prowling Thug 36.[1] By 10 BBY,[2] Bumblethunk had beatdown the gambler Landonis Calrissian after Calrissian took a swing at the Esoomian in order to impress a Trianii debutante. Submister Twirm of the Razzi Syndicate later recorded this event in the book that would become known as the Smuggler's Guide.[1]

Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Esoomians were first mentioned in the new Star Wars canon in Star Wars: Smuggler's Guide, a 2018 reference book written by Daniel Wallace.[1] The species originated in the Star Wars Legends continuity, where they were created for the 1993 Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game supplement Wanted by Cracken, which was written by Louis J. Prosperi.[3]

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