The Espirions were a sentient species of humanoids that hailed from the planet of the same name. Although very similar to humans, they had red skin, dark hair, and yellow eyes with green sclerae. Although the Espirions had massive military forces, they were hospitable to strangers, so much so that they created micro-ecologies on their homeworld in order to support very different lifeforms. Long before the Galactic Civil War, a number of Espirions interbred with Alderaanians, a race of humans from Alderaan, giving rise to a hybrid population known as the Alder-Espirions.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The Espirions first appeared in Princess Leia 4, the fourth of five issues of the Marvel comic book series Star Wars: Princess Leia. They were never directly named in the story, but the fact that their planet's half-Alderaanians were called "Alder-Espirions" implied it.[1] Jordan D. White, editor for Marvel Comics, later confirmed that the natives of Espirion bore the same name as their homeworld.[3]


Notes and referencesEdit

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