"Rhys, I'm counting on you making it through here. I know you can do this, so don't let me down."
―Essara Till, to Rhys Dallows, at the Naboo training canyon[src]

Essara Till, the daughter of famous and respected Naboo government leaders, was a Human female pilot in the Naboo Royal Space Fighter Corps. In 49 BBY, on the eve of her nineteenth birthday, she had left Naboo to see the galaxy, eventually gaining work as a mercenary on such worlds as Agamar. Growing disillusioned with the corruption that pervaded the galaxy, she quit her job for the Garqi Agricultural Combine in 35 BBY and returned home, becoming leader of Bravo Squadron and, a year later, the lover of Dren Melne. She also served as flight instructor for Bravo Flight, Echo Flight, and Delta Flight.

In 33 BBY, Melne was killed during a pirate raid on Station TFP-9 that he had helped coordinate. In 32 BBY, Till was Rhys Dallows's superior in the Bravo Squadron mission to protect Queen Padmé Amidala during a rendezvous with the Trade Federation. She was killed by a mercenary hired by the Trade Federation.

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