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"It'll be good to get back to a place that appreciates civilization and culture!"

Esseles was a planet located along the Perlemian Trade Route in Darpa sector of the Ringali Shell. It was the third in position in the Essesia system and had one moon.


Esseles was under constant volcanic activity by 10,000,000 BBY.[9]

The planet had a population of 24 billion and was covered in many high, steep, rugged, volcanic mountain chains. The atmosphere was heavy, and so it has a warm, wet climate. It was a large planet, with a diameter of 9,186 mi (14,783 km). Its capital city was Calamar, a cultured city that served as a center for education, art, recreation, and holoproduction. Esseles was known for its beautiful architecture.


Fort Cravus on Esseles.

It served as headquarters for Caldrahlsen Mechanicals, DynaCorp, Trinkatta Starships, and Damorian Manufacturing Corporation. Esseles was also the site of one of the Core Worlds' few podracing courses, the Togatto Speedway.


It had evolved into a military fortress world by the time the planet became one of the Core Founders of the Galactic Republic.[4] A Jedi Watchman, named Nuck Lyu was on the planet around 25,000 BBY.

Esseles was the hub of a once grand empire known as the Esselian Empire that at one point contained nineteen planets spanning the Darpa Sector.

During the later decades of the Republic, it was ruled by President Cambira Ralle and represented by Senator Gabrial Atanna. The planet was retaken from the Confederacy of Independent Systems in 21 BBY, during the Clone Wars. Ralle was still formally in power in 0 ABY, but the planet's Imperial governor was Griff Takel. It was also home to a very active Rebel cell. Although Esseles did not directly contest Imperial rule, the people had a high sense of nationalism with enthusiastic optimism for the future. It emerged from the Galactic Civil War as a major high-tech industrial center.

In 1 ABY, Esseles was the site of a series of terrorist attacks that was considered to be the worst atrocities to hit the planet since the Algeran Faction attacks during the rise to power of Emperor Palpatine.[10]

It returned to Imperial control under Operation Shadow Hand.[8]



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