"She's a cranky old thing, but when she sees what the GAM can do, I'm sure she'll come around"
Grand Admiral Gilad Pellaeon[src]

Essenton was a Captain of Imperial Remnant Starfleet during the Yuuzhan Vong War.


Described as being somewhat "cranky" and perhaps in advance age,[1] her competence appeared to be enough to overcome the long-rooted Imperial female prejudice as by at least 28 ABY she was known to command the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Defiant. During the Battle of Borosk, she was instructed by Grand Admiral Pellaeon to assist a certain Lieutenant Arber subsequent to her Star Destroyer being fitted with a gravitic amplitude modulator (GAM), a device capable of jamming yammosk war-coordinating messages among Yuuzhan Vong forces.[2] When ordered to engage, Essenton commanded the Defiant into the heart of the enemy formation, attacking the yammosk-bearing warship-analog and rendering debris.[3] Almost immediately a second yammosk was located among the enemy fleet and Essenton led the Defiant in engaging it as well,[4] though it would prove unnecessary as the Yuuzhan Vong forces withdrew soon after.[5] Following the battle, Essenton was ordered to take Defiant to Yaga Minor in order to assist in the defense of that planet.[6]



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