Ession was a planet in the Corporate Sector, located at the nexus of the Shaltin Tunnels and Lucaya Cross hyperlanes.[2] It was settled around 4000 BBY. An industrial manufacturing center, it was the headquarters of Pakkerd Light Transport, formerly a division of Sienar Fleet Systems.

The fourth planet in the Lucaya system, Ession was settled some 4,000 years before the Battle of Endor. Since that time, it evolved into a major center of industrial manufacturing, and managed to remain neutral during the Galactic Civil War. The warlord Zsinj had built the Pakkerd Light Transport Company on the planet, building TIE Fighters for use in his war machine, and sent the Night Caller—under the control of Wraith Squadron—to protect the Implacable while it received the first shipment of new starfighters. However, the New Republic managed to get three squadrons of X-wings to the planet aboard the Blood Nest, and was able to knock out the Pakkerd plant before the TIEs could launch. The Republic also managed to take out the Implacable.

Ession was one of a number of planets where Roa encountered the Ryn. It was also home to the Ession Freedom Front, a violent revolutionary party.

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