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The Ession Strike, originally named the Night Caller, was a modified CR90 corvette.


The Night Caller carried four TIE/LN starfighters in its forward cargo hold and mounted a heavy tractor beam projector in the place of one of its turbolaser turrets. Also, the normal deck between the hangar and bridge, usually used for luxury quarters, was removed.

These modifications were made during construction rather than as a refit, meaning that the Night Caller and the similarly modified Constrictor could be considered a sub-class of the CR90 corvette.


The Night Caller was captained by Zurel Darillian serving Warlord Zsinj before being captured by Wraith Squadron at Xobome in 7 ABY. Wraith Squadron impersonated the ship's crew and carried out its itinerary, which included the placement of empion mines along Hyperlanes.

After Wraith Squadron captured the ship, the four TIE fighters were remounted at the escape pod supports, while both cargo bays were refitted to carry the squadron's X-wings. In addition to being able to launch, the fighters in the forward bay were able to act as static proton torpedo launchers, firing out through the forward cargo door opening. This move was called the Loran Spitball.

The Night Caller was commanded in New Republic service by Choday Hrakness until his death at the Battle of Talasea, at which point executive officer Atril Tabanne took command.

Following the destruction of Apwar Trigit's Star Destroyer, Implacable at the Battle of Ession, the corvette was renamed the Ession Strike, and was assigned to General Solo's fleet to destroy Zsinj's Iron Fist.



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