"Instead of the usual payment method, we require your assistance. Help us in a small matter, and we will give you everything we have on the Esstran Cordon."
―The local spymaster[src]

The Esstran Cordon was an area of space in the galaxy.


During the Galactic Civil War, the Rebel Alliance considered that this area of space didn't contain any unusual danger.[1]

However, sometime between the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor, the Galactic Empire cordoned off this once-open sector, and no unauthorized ships were allowed to enter the area. The Empire established a secure base inside the cordoned area and used it for testing new starfighter designs.[1]

When Rebel pilot Zan Porpu entered the Esstran Cordon aboard his Y-wing starfighter, he was used as a test subject for TIE prototypes.[1]

With their pilot missing in action, the Rebel Alliance turned to the Bothan Spynet for help. The local spymaster agreed to give information on this matter in exchange for the rescue of a female Bothan agent, who was detained by the local Imperial authorities in a minor security facility.[1]

After the rescue, the spymaster agreed to honor his part of the bargain. He informed the Rebel Alliance that Zan Porpu ejected when his Y-wing starfighter was destroyed by a TIE Advanced x1. The Bothan Spynet believed the pilot was still alive and being held in the secure base inside the Esstran Cordon.[1]

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It is unknown if the Esstran Cordon was located in the Esstran sector.


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