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Estaria was an Outer Rim Territories planet situated in the Indrexu sector on the Perlemian Trade Route. It was a spaceport world and during the Galactic Civil War housed Estaria Central Starport, which regulated starship travel in the entire Estaria system.


Estaria[2] was a terrestrial planet[3] that was located within the Estaria system, a part of the Outer Rim Territories'[1] Indrexu sector. A part of the historical Greater Tion region, Estaria was connected by the Perlemian Trade Route[2] super-hyperroute[4] to the planets Ank Ki'Shor and Makem Te, while the Tion Trade Route linked it to the world of Endregaad.[2]


Estaria served as the capital of the Indrexu sector. It was a spaceport world that serviced the starships traveling between the Tion Cluster and the worlds of the Far Perlemian region, and it was only moderately corrupt by Tion Cluster standards.[2]


Map of the main level of Estaria Central Starport

Several cities were located on Estaria, including a town housing Estaria Central Starport. The spaceport's control tower served as the central authority for all starships in both the facility's vicinity and in the planet's orbit. All craft landing at or launching from the spaceport, as well as those traveling through the Estaria system, were required to maintain contact with the tower at all times.[3]

Most of the larger passenger travel companies using Estaria Central Starport only sent loading shuttles to and from the spaceport's landing bays, while their main passenger ships remained in the planet's orbit. Inside the spaceport itself, planetary travel services agencies provided information on any of Estaria's cities as well as passenger and cargo companies serving the corresponding regions of the planet.[3]

During the Galactic Civil War, Estaria Central Starport had a small Galactic Empire presence. It was also the site of a Rebel Alliance supply cache, which was spread among the spaceport's many transient lockers and within its system of cargo warehouses. The Alliance cell that maintained the cache included the spaceport's Freight Administrator Ela Harns, the Human Chief Technician Ablee Bansak, and the Sullustan Cargo Supervisor Hev Lissona.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Estaria was introduced in the 1998 sourcebook Hideouts & Strongholds, written by Sterling Hershey for use with West End Games' Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game. Although the planet was left unnamed in Hideouts & Strongholds, the book did introduce the name "Estaria Central Starport."[3] Estaria itself was first named by the 2009 Hyperspace-exclusive article "Xim Week: The History of Xim and the Tion Cluster," written by Jason Fry, which placed Estaria in grid square S-5.[2]


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