"Its alien builders, the Rakata, called it the Eternity Vault; it's where they kept the prisoners and technology they could never afford to release."
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The Eternity Vault was a prison located on Belsavis. It contained ancient Rakatan technology and prisoners that were hidden until they were uncovered during the Great Galactic War. Unfortunately, this also gained the attention of The Infernal One, a powerful Rakata Force-sensitive who was imprisoned in the Vault for as yet unknown reasons. A volcanic cave was located in the cavern wall between the vault's primary prison block and the vault's jungle zone. During the Galactic War, when the Eternity Vault was breached by bombing, the Sithspawn known as Gharj broke free from its imprisonment in the prison block and ripped through the back wall of its cell, and made its home in the lava cave. Gharj was later slain in the cave.

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The Eternity Vault is featured in a mission in the LucasArts/BioWare MMORPG Star Wars: The Old Republic.

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