"A group of operatives is currently preparing to locate and detain Antig, as he has recently been sighted in the Ethav Regions without his crew or the Trustworthy."
―Airen Cracken, Wanted by Cracken[src]

The Ethav Regions were a Wild Space sector. It contained the Ethav Major system.[1] At some point following the Battle of Endor[2] of 4 ABY,[3] the Nalroni smuggler Drolen Antig was sighted in the Ethav Regions without his freighter, the Trustworthy, or his crew. That fact was noted by New Republic General Airen Cracken within the datafile Wanted by Cracken in an entry dedicated to Antig.[2]

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The Ethav Regions were introduced by Craig Robert Carey within the "Wanted by Cracken" feature of West End Games' Star Wars Adventure Journal 10 in May 1996.[2]

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