The Etti Lighter, also known as the Etti Light Transport or Authority lighter, was mid-sized freighter produced and used by the Corporate Sector Authority.


Though the 125 meter vessel was equipped with a hyperdrive, in its standard configuration it carried only three days of provisions and was therefore limited to short-range (often intra-system) missions. It could carry up to 400 tons of cargo and was well defended with 10 quad laser cannons.


In remote, low priority systems of the Corporate Sector, the CSA Security Division used modified Etti Lighters, equipped with upgraded power generators and turbolasers, as anti-smuggling patrol craft. Han Solo and Chewbacca encountered one of these modified Etti Lighters at Duroon.

The Skandrei Bandits, pirates who operated within the Kathol Outback during the early years of the New Republic, operated modified versions of these vessels.

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