"There's only one academic who's written about the Rings. She's brilliant. A visionary. Even if the university doesn't think so. Doctor Eustacia Okka."
―Detta Yao[src]

Eustacia Okka was a Mirialan female professor who worked for the Shadow University. A former classmate of Chelli Lona Aphra at the University of Bar'leth, Okka launched her own archeological career after being expelled from the Shadow University, who claimed her writings on the Rings of Vaale were not credible, and became a Doctor. Some time after the Battle of Hoth, she would join her former friend Aphra's crew to hunt for the rings herself.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Eustacia Okka was a classmate and friend of the rogue archaeologist Chelli Aphra at the University of Bar'leth. At one point, Okka read dissertation research titled Lost Legends of the High Republic. Eventually, their relationship since turned sour. After school, she became a doctor and worked for the Shadow University, but after she wrote an article on the Rings of Vaale, an artifact that was supposedly cursed, Okka was expelled by the University, who claimed she had insufficient credible research. Following her expulsion, she worked independently, assisted by the droid TA-418 and, as she began to do more field research, began to carry her own blaster.[1]

During the Imperial Era, Okka was studying the Ruins of Kolkur when mercenaries on behalf of Ronen Tagge, scion of the powerful Tagge family, approached her, demanding that she help them find the rings. Soon after, her former classmate Aphra, graduate student Detta Yao, bounty hunter Black Krrsantan, and the smuggler Just Lucky approached her about the rings as well. In that moment the mercenaries returned, but the crew escaped onto Aphra's ship. Okka was initially hesitant, but eventually chose to help Aphra and her associates when Aphra promised her sole credit of the discovery, hoping that finding the Rings would lead the Shadow University to reinstate her credentials.[1]

En route to Dianth, where the rings were rumored to be located, Okka's droid TA-418 played a hologram message of Tagge, who told her that he still wanted to work with her to find the rings, tempting her with the vast resources at his disposal. As Tagge told her that he would show her no mercy if she refused him, Okka turned off the message and accusingly said that there was a liar aboard the ship.[2]

The crew ventured into the city of Vaale, where Okka went off alone and discovered the fabled workshop of The Architects of Vaale. The group ventured underground into the sanctum. As they tried to get past the door that blocked their path, Okka and Lucky doubled back to the murals to look for clues on how to pass. As Yao attempted to open the door, the floor collapsed out from under them, and Okka fell alongside Lucky and Black Krrsantan.[2]

Personality and traits[edit | edit source]

Eustacia Okka was a green-skinned Mirialan that had darker green spots on the left side of her face. She had white hair, dark eyebrows, and purple eyes.[1] In University, Aphra noted that Okka worried too much about other people's perception of her and her work.[2]

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