This article is about Evacuation of Excarga in 21 BBY. You may be looking for the First or the Second Battle of Excarga in 22 BBY.
"Your primary target are the droid transport ships"
Anakin Skywalker to The Jedi Knight during the battle.[src]

The Evacuation of Excarga was a space battle in the Clone Wars between the Republic and Separatist above the planet of Excarga in 21 BBY. The Republic forces were led by Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and another Jedi Knight and their objective was to destroy as many C-9979 landing craft as they could while keeping the Confederacy of Independent Systems from escaping the planet.


The Galactic Republic launched an attack on the planet of Excarga.[1] Following the Republic victory on the planet, the Confederacy of Independent Systems tried to escape from the planet by dispatching C-9979 landing craft to retrieve their forces. However, the Republic fleet stopped the Separatist fleet from escaping the planet.[1]


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