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"Star Destroyer, this is Sayer Mon Neela of the Rebel Alliance. I order you to surrender your vessel."
Sayer Mon Neela, to the Imperial Hazard[src]

Circa 2 ABY,[2] the Rebel Alliance was forced to evacuate its research base on the planet Horob after it was uncovered by the Empire.[1]

Sayer Mon Neela & Raan Stasheff escape hostile Horobians.

Victory-class Star Destroyer Imperial Hazard was dispatched to destroy the weakly defended Rebel base. Rebel leader and strategist Sayer Mon Neela was ordered to evacuate first but refused to abandon the doomed base. She ordered her ship, Captain Heedon's Luxury yacht Starcrossed, to head to the Imperial Star Destroyer and she ordered the Imperial Hazard to surrender. Intrigued and beguiled by the strong-willed woman, Imperial Captain Sergus Lanox accepted to meet her aboard his ship. Using a experimental technology device designed on Horob, Neela managed to disrupt the computer systems of the Destroyer. The Imperial Hazard started to lose altitude, dragging Starcrossed with it as they were connected by an umbilical corridor. Soon Lanox ordered his stormtroopers to boad the yacht and a firefight erupted in the umbilical. Stasheff was injured but the stormtroopers retreated in the Destroyer due to the depressurizing corridor. Neela escaped the Star Destroyer in the confusion, surprisingly assisted by Lanox, who snatched a quick kiss from her before she departed. With the warship stunned, the Starcrossed easily escaped through hyperspace to Carosi XII. Sayer Mon Neela's mission aboard the Imperial Hazard allowed the Rebels on Horob to evacuate successfully.[1]

Following the battle, Lanox was awarded the Distinguished Medal of Imperial Honor by Grand Admiral Miltin Takel himself.

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