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The Second Battle of Vorknkx Project Base was a battle fought during the Zaarin insurrection at Vorknkx Project Base.


With the discovery of the Vorknkx Project Base and previous attack from traitorous forces lead by rogue Grand Admiral Zaarin. Loyalist forces lead by Grand Admiral Thrawn decided the best course of action was to evacuate the base and move the project to a new location, as Zaarin would be willing to send his own flagship the Imperial-class Star Destroyer Glory to acquire the technology. Loyalist forces decided to use a Muurian transport Shadow to deliver a Hyperdrive engine to the testbed of the project, a CR90 corvette Vorknkx and several escort transports to evacuate the personnel of the XQ5 Platforms V1 and V2

The BattleEdit

As evacuation procedures were in the preparing stages, 3 Carrack cruisers Z-Pata and 4 Assault transports Z-Sigma had arrived with the intention to capture the Vorknkx.

Maarek Stele in a Missile Boat, arrived to defend the station. Starting with the Assault transports, he managed to scan the transports, to find Stormtroopers inside, and launched one rocket at each to destroy them and help prevent capture. Not long into the battle TIE Defenders arrived into the battle with the intention of clearing the minefield and then to destroy the Shadow before it could deliver the hyperdrive. The TIE Defenders were successful in clearing the minefield, but were intercepted by Stele. Meanwhile, the Shadow delivered the hyperdrive to the Vorknkx and the ship jumped to hyperspace.

Realizing that their mission was a failure at this point, Zaarin's remaining forces began to retreat. After stopping any remaining TIE Defenders from jumping to Hyperspace Stele managed to scan the cruisers despite the heavy laser fire and assisted the escort transports engaging the cruisers by launching all remaining Warheads he had. Although he managed to destroy one of the cruisers he ran out. A Combat utility vehicle called Reload arrived to resupply him and Stele ordered it to reload his craft as he flew a safe distance from the ships. While it was reloading 3 Rebel B-wings arrived to attack the station. When Stele's boat was reloaded he bounced between destroying the other cruisers and the B-wings before any enemy craft escape. With the sector cleared of both Zaarin and Rebel forces two of the escort transports boarded the stations and evacuated the personnel before they escaped into hyperspace.


The evacuation was a success and the Vorknkx was moved to an obscure asteroid base known as To-phalion Base. Thrawn was given a demonstration of the cloaking device, which impressed him. He inquired on the progress of the project to learn that there was a potentially catastrophic instability when using the device in conjunction with hyperdrive engines. Thrawn asked the staff to keep him informed of any progress as he had plans for the device against Zaarin.

Stele would return to be awarded the Medal of Liberty. But instead of continuing his hunt for Zaarin he was then transferred to serve Darth Vader.

Behind the scenesEdit

This battle appears in the 1994 PC game Star Wars: TIE Fighter, in Battle 11 Mission 7. This article assumes completion of all "Primary", "Secondary" and "Bonus" objectives.

Interestingly enough the Combat utility vehicle is labeled Encore by the Imperial Officer that dispatches orders. In the game its identified as Reload.


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