Evas VI was a planet[2] of the Evas system, located inside the Belshar sector, within the Mid Rim of the galaxy.[1] The world was humid and it could rain for three days in a row. The planet was also very cold and one would freeze to death, if not for the occasional sunlight. By 0 BBY, Linkaas, a Pliith corporate criminal and president of the Linkaas Corporation, resided on the planet. From the planet, Linkaas assigned two of his thugs to ambush and kill one of his employees, a smuggler named Dannen Lifehold—who owed him a substantial debt—on the world Dohu VII. However, the plan failed, Lifehold survived the ambush, and he arrived in orbit of Evas VI to contact Linkaas in order to tell him about his thugs' failure.[2]

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Evas VI made its first appearance in the 1994 short story "Breaking Free: The Adventures of Dannen Lifehold," written by Dave Marron and later published within the Star Wars Adventure Journal 1. In 2012, the world was briefly mentioned in the reference book The Essential Reader's Companion.



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