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"Even a Mandalorian Needs Help" is a non-canon animated short in the Hasbro Star Wars Mission Fleet series. It was released online on the Star Wars Kids YouTube channel on January 28, 2021.

Official description[]

With the help of the Child and a surprise ally, the Mandalorian learns that even a proud warrior needs backup sometimes.[1]

Plot summary[]

The Mandalorian Din Djarin speeds across the sands of Tatooine on his Zephyr-J speeder bike, with Grogu following behind in his hovering pram. Two stormtroopers see them approaching, and raise their hands, ordering them to stop. Instead Djarin accelerates and speeds past them, causing one of the troopers to use a comlink to warn the rest of his squad. The stormtroopers quickly form a blockade, and open fire on the speeder, causing Grogu to close the lid of his capsule.

As the speeder bike reaches a village, Djarin hops off, and four stormtroopers surround him and raise their rifles. Grogu points at Djarin's vambrace, but Djarin shakes his head and picks Grogu up, firing on the troopers as he dives for cover behind a rock. Grogu points again, and Djarin uses the vambrace to summon IG-11, who leaps from a nearby hill, disarming and incapacitating the troopers.

One stormtrooper approaches IG-11 from behind, and Grogu uses the Force to pull the speeder bike and his capsule toward them, knocking the trooper out. Djarin uses his jetpack to jump onto the speeder bike. As they depart, Grogu waves and Djarin nods at IG-11 to thank him for their rescue.


The speeder seen in the short is taken from[1] one of Hasbro's The Mandalorian toys.[2]



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