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"Every brick has a beginning" is the tenth in a series of comics on the LEGO Star Wars website. It is the conclusion to the story arc started in "Always trust Secret Strategy #3".

Plot summary

"Every brick has a beginning"

The comic begins with the two gunships, the Twilight, and Anakin Skywalker's personal starfighter crashed on Felucia. Obi-Wan Kenobi along with some clone troopers disembark form one of the gunships while R2-D2 and Ahsoka Tano get out of the starfighter and the Twilight respectively. Skywalker is soon heard by the group calling down from a rancor skeleton's rib. Asajj Ventress arrives at that time and cuts through the rib holding up Anakin with her lightsaber. She then orders an army of battle droids to attack the group. Obi-Wan, Anakin, and Ahsoka are joined by Commander Cody and his troops and together they charge at the droids. The party does well against the battle droids but they are halted by a homing spider droid. Suddenly, Plo Koon arrives with the clone troops from the second gunship. Plo immediately jumps upon the spider droid and stabs it with his lightsaber, bringing the droid down. With the battle won, Plo Koon is hailed as a hero. Later, Anakin and Ahsoka find Rotta in the Twilight while one clone is given medical care. Meanwhile, Cody informs Kenobi that there is no sign of Ventress as a Nu-class attack shuttle sets down. All then gather as Koon receives a medal and fireworks light up the sky. Elsewhere, on an unknown ship vessel, Ventress informs Dooku via hologram that the Death Brick is safe. Dooku responds stating the Jedi do not know of its importance. The Death Brick is then shown to be one of many used in the construction of the Death Star.

"THE END...?"

Behind the scenes

In the course of the comic, Ahsoka and Plo Koon's lightsabers switch between having a blue blade and having a green blade.

The title of the comic is probably based on the tag line for The Phantom Menace which is 'Every Saga Has a Beginning'.




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