"You know that I've lived on Corellia for a long time, and I've told you that I used to be a shuttle pilot, traveling all over the system. There is more to it than that. I used to fly a snubfighter as well. I was a privateer, hunting down pirates and bringing them to justice."

Evgenia was a female Corellian privateer who down pirates and brought them to justice prior to the Galactic Civil War.

History[edit | edit source]

Dire Hound, Evgenia's starfighter.

Before the Galactic Civil War, Evgenia was a shuttle pilot in the Corellian system. She later became a privateer and her duties included hunting down pirates and bringing them to justice, using a Z-95 Headhunter named Dire Hound. When she retired due to her age, the starfighter was hidden at a secret hangar on Talus. Eventually, around 1 ABY, Evgenia revealed to her nephew, with whom she spent many hours over the years sharing reminiscences, the location of the hangar and asked him to recover the starfighter. The young man decided to use it to fight against Galactic Empire, the current legitimate government, which made Evgenia proud. Though getting the ship out of the hangar was not easy, both Imperials and Binayre Pirates tried to take from the young man, he was able to defeat them and bring the ship back to Corellia. Evgenia was pleased to see her old starfighter again and introduced her nephew to Lennart, a Rebel officer, who revealed that the Dire Hound was the stuff of legend in the Corellian system and recruited the young man into Alliance to Restore the Republic.

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