Evil Eyes is an Infinities comic in Star Wars Manga: Black by Nao. It tells the story of Jedi Padawan Iguni during the end of the Clone Wars on Coruscant.

Plot summary[edit | edit source]

On the planet Coruscant, General Grievous has launched an attack, enveloping the city in flames. Three Padawans, Iguni, Zeami, and Zoi, have defied their masters and joined in the attack outside. As the three Jedi cut down Super Battle Droids, Iguni remembers a lesson that he had with Master Yoda about the Force. Iguni had asked Master Yoda whether training in the Force would make him stronger. Yoda had responded that training could make him stronger, but that it needed to come from within or he could be burned by the dark side of the Force. Back with the battle, Zoi is hurt and Zoi is badly injured by the attacks of Octuptarra combat tri-droids. Iguni and his friends are only saved by the timely intervention of Mace Windu, who scolds Iguni for disobeying his orders to stay at the temple. Iguni returns to the temple, depressed over his inability to protect his friends. Zoi, recently patched up from his injuries, informs Iguni that the hero of the battle has just arrived back at the temple. Iguni is awed by the appearance of Anakin Skywalker, and he feels even more inferior in the presence of the Hero With No Fear. Iguni visits Zeami in the infirmary where he apologizes for her injuries. Despite Zeami's reassurances that there's no need to apologize, Iguni claims that he will become stronger so that no one will be harmed by his weakness again.

Iguni begins to train with a new ferocity, trying desperately in his lightsaber sparring sessions with Master Windu. Iguni slowly begins to develop his skills, and in one training session with Windu, he is able to graze the Jedi Master's clothing with his lightsaber. Enthused by the accomplishment, Iguni is unprepared when Windu Force pushes him to the ground. Windu scolds Iguni for letting his guard down, but he congratulates his student over the accomplishment, telling him to keep up the good work. Iguni is excited over the compliment, and he celebrates with his friends. Later, Iguni is walking in the Jedi Temple when he spots Anakin Skywalker. He gathers his courage and asks Skywalker how he became so strong. Anakin asks Iguni why it is that he trains in the Force. Iguni responds that he trains so that he can become strong and protect his friends. Anakin replies that for him he trains so that he can protect the ones that he loves. Iguni is excited that they both seem to have the same motivations, and Anakin walks away, putting his hand on Iguni's shoulder. However, as Anakin touches him, Iguni receives a vision of death and destruction with a mysterious figure wielding a lightsaber in the center of it. Iguni, badly shaken by the vision, watches as Anakin walks off into the distance.

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

Originally published in Japan, the stories from Tokyopop's Star Wars Manga were considered to be of "fuzzy" continuity by Lucasfilm.[1] Since then, they have been republished in English in the United Kingdom under Infinities label, which established the material in them as non-canonical.

Author Daniel Wallace stated definitively in the article We Need to Talk About Jar Jar, written for Star Wars Insider 131 in February 2012, that the stories included in the Star Wars Manga: Black comic trade paperback are non-canon.[2]

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