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Evran was a Human male senator who served in the Galactic Senate of the Republic and was a close personal friend of Supreme Chancellor Dorian Janarus during the Great Galactic War.


During the Cold War, Evran traveled to the planet Voss and became obsessed with the Voss Mystics' ability to see the future. Senator Evran believed an alliance with the Voss will definitely win the war against the reconstituted Sith Empire.

In 3641 BBY, Senator Evran used his influence to keep a large contingent of Republic soldiers from the war effort out of fear that the Empire would attack Voss again. He garrisoned his soldiers at a space station orbiting Voss, despite the desperate need for troops elsewhere. As he had Chancellor Janarus' confidence in peace, he was assisted by Havoc Squad that were sent by General Elin Garza to eliminate any Imperial invasion vectors. Evran personally greeted Havoc Squad's CO in Voss-Ka. After sharing some friendly banter, Evran stated that they should let the Imperials make the first move, a sentiment the CO respectfully disagreed with, as they'd then be fighting on the Imperials' terms.

Evran helped coordinate Havoc's activities across Voss, keeping a close eye through the CO's armor camera. He first sent Havoc after an Imperial agent codenamed Deadfall, who was known for spreading subversion on a planet before the Empire launches an invasion. Havoc Squad fought their way into Deadfall's secret base beneath Voss-Ka, where Havoc established a link with Evran's office, allowing SIS agent Kellor to mine Deadfall's systems for intel. Deadfall soon appeared and attacked, forcing Havoc to kill him, against Evran's order to apprehend him.

With no other recourse but to rely on Deadfall's data, Kellor confirmed that the smuggler Pol Blex made multiple deliveries to Voss on the Empire's behalf. Havoc stormed Blex's hideout and learned from the Neimoidian that he had smuggled tunneling equipment and a ZR-57 orbital strike bomb that was stolen on Ord Mantell onto Voss.

While Kellor and his team got to working on locating the bomb, Evran later summoned the squad back to the Alien Enclave for a debate against Lord Torius. The debate was cut short as a messenger appeared to warn of Voss commandos being ambushed by Gormak. Determined to show initiative, Evran volunteered Havoc to rescue the commandos. Havoc ventured into Gorma-Koss, where they were ambushed by a squad of Imperials, who intended to pass off Havoc's deaths on the Gormak.

After Havoc thwarted the Imperials and confirmed the commandos' safety, Evran informed Havoc that Kellor discovered the bomb's location but the Imperials spotted him and his speeder was shot down and crashed into the Dark Heart of the Nightmare Lands. When Havoc found Kellor, they found the SIS agent succumbing to the Nightmare Lands' corruption. Before he expired, Kellor gave the bomb's location and a keycard to get pass the security.

Havoc soon uncovered Torius' plan to use a stolen Republic ZR-57 orbital strike bomb to hold Voss-Ka hostage. Havoc thwarted the Sith's plan and kill him. When the squad later returned to Voss-Ka, Evran congratulated their efforts but expressed his frustration that despite Torius' actions, the Voss stubbornly refused to take a side. The CO reassured him that they will come around. Regardless, Evran upheld his end of the bargain and released the Republic troops for the front lines.

When the Eternal Empire invaded and conquered both the Sith Empire and the Republic, Evran represented the Republic in pledging allegiance to Emperor Arcann alongside Darth Vowrawn.

Behind the scenesEdit

Evran is a character in the 2011 Star Wars: The Old Republic, voiced by Robert Clotworthy



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