This article is about the video game. You may be looking for the Ewok village on Endor.

Ewok Village is a game on that allows the player to build an Ewok village.

Players reach new levels by attracting Ewoks to their village, keeping them happy and building specific structures, such as sleeping eating, and playing areas.

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Welcome to Ewok Village! As the Chief of the tribe, it's your job to expand your village, attract more Ewoks, and keep them all happy. How large can your village grow?

Endor is still far from the events of the Civil War in the far-distant galaxy. Ewoks equip their new village. Try to control them in such a way so that they would be happy and well fed, and also help them to build their huts. Find out all about the lives of young bears of Ewoks before in their lives Leia, Han and imperial garrison appears n their lives

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