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The second season of the animated Ewoks television series, marketed as The All New Ewoks, premiered on September 13, 1986, with the airing of the episodes "The Crystal Cloak" and "The Wish Plant" on ABC. Many of the episodes were shorter in length and were paired together in airings. The opening sequence features a new song and, unlike the first season, does not duplicate content from the episodes.


Episode Image Title Original airdate
1 Ewoks 2-01b.jpg "The Crystal Cloak" September 13, 1986[1]
2 TheWishPlant.png "The Wish Plant"
3 Ewoks 2-03a.jpg "Home is Where the Shrieks Are" September 20, 1986[1]
4 PrincessLatara.png "Princess Latara"
5 TheRaich.png "The Raich" September 27, 1986[1]
6 TheTotemMaster.png "The Totem Master" October 4, 1986[1]
7 Worst anniversary every (AGFS).png "A Gift for Shodu"
8 NightoftheStranger.png "Night of the Stranger" October 11, 1986[1]
9 GoneWiththeMimphs.png "Gone With the Mimphs" October 18, 1986[1]
10 Logray's first apprentice.jpg "The First Apprentice"
11 HardSell.png "Hard Sell" October 25, 1986[1]
12 TeeboClimbsABlog-AWarriorAndALurdo.jpg "A Warrior and a Lurdo"
13 TheSeasonScepter.png "The Season Scepter" November 1, 1986[1]
14 Dulok battleship leaking.png "Prow Beaten" November 8, 1986[1]
15 BagasRival.png "Baga's Rival"
16 Horville.JPG "Horville's Hut of Horrors" November 15, 1986[1]
17 TheTragicFlute.png "The Tragic Flute"
18 WicketWWarrickBordokStables-JustMyLuck.jpg "Just My Luck" November 22, 1986[1]
19 BringingUpNorky.png "Bringing Up Norky"
20 BattlefortheSunstar.png "Battle for the Sunstar" December 6, 1986[1]
21 PartyEwok.png "Party Ewok" December 13, 1986[1]
22 MalaniSunstar-MalaniTheWarrior.jpg "Malani the Warrior"


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