Ewoks was the official soundtrack album to the films Caravan of Courage: An Ewok Adventure (1984) and Ewoks: The Battle for Endor (1985). The album was released on LP by Varése Sarabande and Lucasfilm Ltd. on December 8, 1986. Only about half an hour of music from the two films was presented due to LP capacity limitations. For Caravan of Courage, the music was composed by Peter Bernstein and conducted by Harry Rabinowitz, whereas Bernstein both composed and conducted the score for The Battle for Endor.

Bernstein adapted "Parade of the Ewoks" from John Williams' original Return of the Jedi soundtrack; The piece is briefly sampled in both films. Jeff Moss wrote the song "My Star" sung by Cindel Towani in Ewoks: The Battle For Endor. This song was not on the official album and remains unreleased.

Track listing[]

  • a. Caravan Of Courage score composed by Peter Bernstein and conducted by Harry Rabinowitz.
  • b. The Battle For Endor score composed and conducted by Peter Bernstein.

Side one[]

No. Title Film Length
1 "Trek" a 1:53
2 "Intro/Main Title" a/b 2:47
3 "Noa & Terak" b 3:50
4 "Teek" b 2:44
5 "Set Up/Terak's Theme" b 3:09
6 "Noa's Ark" b 2:09
7 "Izrina" a 1:31

Side two[]

No. Title Film Length
1 "Flying" a 2:46
2 "Good Night, Bad Dreams" b 3:11
3 "Poker Game" b 2:15
4 "Pulga Chase" a 2:40
5 "The House" b 1:39
6 "Escape" b 1:30
7 "Farewell" b 3:46


By type
Cast Crew Uncredited


  • Produced by Peter Bernstein and Richard Kraft[1]
  • Executive producer: Tom Null[1]
  • Orchestrations: Christopher Palmer[1]
  • Special thanks: George Lucas, Tom Smith, Kathy Durning and Anita Gross[1]
  • Mastering engineer: Michele Stone[1]
  • Matrix: Ric Hancock & Jim Limbean[1]
  • Production coordinator: Karen Stone[1]
  • Manufactured at KM Records[1]
  • Color separations: Computer Color Corporation[1]
  • Printed at Stoughton Printing Co.[1]


Notes and references[]

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