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Ewoks 1 (originally published as The Ewoks 1) is the first issue of the Star Wars Legends comic book series Ewoks. It was written by David Manak, illustrated by Warren Kremer, and first published by Star Comics on January 29, 1985. It features the story "The Rainbow Bridge," in which Wicket and Teebo encounter Gantu the Ogre.

Publisher's summary[]

Now, at long last, the fierce fuzzy fighters from the smash movie "The Return of the Jedi," [sic] the Ewoks, have their very own comic book series! The first adventure may be the last for Princess Kneesaa—because she's been poisoned! Wicket must overcome more dangers than an Ewok's ever encountered to save her! "The Rainbow Bridge!" written by David Manak, penciled by Warren Kremer and inked by Marie Severin.


Ewoks 1 was written by David Manak, penciled by Warren Kremer, inked by Marie Severin, and published by Star Comics, an imprint of Marvel Comics. It had a shipping date of January 8, 1985 and an on-sale date of January 29, 1985. It was marked with a retail price of US $0.65 and a May cover date.[1] In 2019, the issue was reprinted by Marvel as a part of the True Believers program, with a suggested retail price of US $1.[3]



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