Ewoks 4: Valley of Evil is the fourth issue of Marvel's Ewoks series of comic books and was published under the Marvel Comics Star Comics imprint in November 1985. The story is split into three chapters: "Valley of Evil," "The Deadly Game," and "A Chase to the End." The issue contained an "Ewoks Mail Boks" page with with letters from readers answered by the editors. The topics included "How and/or why do the Ewoks speak English?" and "Will Wicket get married to Princess Kneesaa?"

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Wicket Wystri Warrick and Teebo decide to take a shortcut home across the Valley of the Lizard Warriors after a long mission, but they are captured by an exiled Ewok, Graak, and his Lizard Warriors. They are offered passage on the condition that they can survive a hunt in which they are the prey.


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