The Exactor was the second Imperator-class Star Destroyer to be produced. It was one of the first ships of a design that would later become infamous under the name Imperial-class Star Destroyer.[1]


The Exactor was constructed early on in the Clone Wars,[2] and later served as the flagship of Darth Vader for some time following the end of the conflict.[1] The 501st Legion was also stationed onboard.[3]

Under Vader's command, the Exactor visited worlds such as Murkhana during a hunt for Jedi survivors of Order 66 and rogue clone commandos during the Great Jedi Purge,[1] as well as Kashyyyk to subjugate the Wookiee species.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Despite it being the second of what would become the Imperial I-class Star Destroyers, the artist erroneously illustrated Exactor with the communications tower of an Imperial II-class Star Destroyer.



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