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"I look at the state of the Empire and think, 'How many Super Star Destroyers could we have made with the resources we threw into Tarkin's folly?'"
Grand General Cassio Tagge, referring to the Death Star[13]

The Executor-class Star Dreadnought, also known as the Executor-class Super Star Destroyer, officially identified during production as the Super-class Star Destroyer, and simply as the Super Star Destroyer class, the Super Star Destroyer and Super Class, designed by Lira Wessex were some of the largest and most powerful Imperial starships ever created.[5] Along with other classes of massive Imperial capital ships,[14] they were also referred to as Super Star Destroyers,[5] although they were technically classified as Star Dreadnoughts. The most distinguished Super Star Destroyer was the Executor, flagship of the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Vader.[3]



"I haven't seen anything that big since the Death Star."
―Luke Skywalker reacts to the Executor during the Battle of Mako-Ta[15]

A prototype Executor-class dreadnought under construction.

Vessels of the Executor-class Dreadnought line[3] measured at 19,000 meters in length,[2] and utilizing its thirteen Executor-50.x engines,[1] could reach speeds of 100 kilometers per hour. These starships had a crew of 280,784, and could carry 38,000 troops and support staff. The Executor-class possessed long range sensors, and had consumables for 6 years. The Executor-class Star Dreadnought possessed a navicomputer, and had a primary hyperdrive of Class 1, with a backup of Class 10.[16] They possessed a titanium-reinforced hull[2] made of alusteel, intended to reflect the design of the Imperial-class Star Destroyer,[1] and their bridges had deflector shields and communication domes.[17] Vessels of the Executor-class also had at least one ventral hangar bay[3] and escape pods.[12]

The Executor-class's bridge was 285 meters wide and contained shield generators, briefing rooms, and escape pods. However, it was relatively exposed, making it vulnerable to enemy attack.[14]


The Executor-class Dreadnought boasted an armament of unimaginable firepower,[18] composed of over 5,000 turbolasers,[8] including 750 twin heavy turbolaser batteries, and 1000 turret-mounted twin light turbolaser batteries. The Executor-class Dreadnought additionally possessed 125 assault concussion missile launchers, 100 twin battleship ion cannons and 250 turret-mounted quad laser cannons.[16]



An Executor-class Dreadnought with several Imperial-class Star Destroyers

The Executor-class Dreadnought had a complement of over 1,000 starships,[2] including 144 TIE Series starfighters, divided into 12 squadrons. The Executor-class Dreadnought's TIEs where composed of TIE/ln fighters, TIE/sa bombers and TIE/IN interceptors.[3] The Executor-class Dreadnought also possessed 200 assault shuttles, transport shuttles, and support craft, and Y-85 Titan dropships.[19] As well as its space complement, the Executor-class Dreadnought carried several All Terrain walkers included 24 AT-ATs and 50 AT-STs, and 2 IM-455 modular garrisons[16]


"Can you imagine what the twenty-two I've saved would add to the Chimaera's defenses? Or the Firedrake's, or the new Star Dreadnought class Lord Vader's been pushing for?"
―Grand Admiral Balanhai Savit, on the resources he'd stolen from the Death Star project, to Grand Admiral Thrawn[20]
Eclipse Executor-class SWA

The Eclipse bombards a planet.

The Executor-class Star Dreadnought, also known as the Super-class Star Destroyer,[4] was manufactured by Kuat Drive Yards during the reign of the Galactic Empire.[2] By the time of the skirmish against the Third Fleet, Darth Vader had been pushing for the class.[20] During its history, at least two prototypes were manufactured, including the Star Dreadnought Assault Prototype and the Star Dreadnought Command Prototype.[21] With the massive amount of resources taken up by the Death Star project,[13] development of the Executor-class was held back.[20]

The Annihilator served as Grand General Cassio Tagge's flagship[13] before he prepared to move his command to an under-construction Executor-class, known simply as the Executor.[22] Tagge was a fierce critic of the Death Star, pointing out that countless Super Star Destroyers could have been made with the resources thrown into the single battle station.[13] Upon seeing the Executor, Vader's personal assassin droids, 0-0-0 and BT-1, debated whether the massive vessel was "trashy," with 0-0-0 admitting he would like an Executor-class of his own.[22] After Tagge's failings allowed the rogue scientist Cylo to nearly commandeer the Executor, Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine gave command of the vessel and Tagge's fleet to Vader, who executed Tagge shortly after.[23]

SW Executor 01

The Executor was a well known Executor-class Star Dreadnought.

According to the Rebel Alliance's intelligence agency, more than a dozen Super Star Destroyers were made, including the Executor itself, its sister ship the Lusankya, the Annihilator, the Arbitrator, the Eclipse, and the Ravager. However, the true number remained a subject of debate, as Alliance analysts endeavored to make sense of Imperial propaganda and see through the black budgets designed to hide the scope of the Palpatine's secret weapons programs.[14] As Vader's flagship, the Executor saw action at the Battle of Mako-Ta[15] in 1 ABY,[24] the Battle of Hoth and the Escape from Cloud City[25] in 3 ABY,[26] and the battle over Jekara during the War of the Bounty Hunters.[27] It was destroyed at the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY.[18]

In the months after the events of Endor, the New Republic, the successor government to the Alliance, destroyed five Super Star Destroyers, including the Arbitrator which accidentally jumped into a black hole due to erroneous hyperspace coordinates, and captured three more. The Annihilator, former flagship of Grand General Cassio Tagge, was captured by pirates and renamed Liberty's Misrule. The only known Super Star Destroyer, and so the only known Executor-class, to remain in Imperial hands was Grand Admiral Rae Sloane's flagship Ravager, which also served as the base for Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax.[11] In 5 ABY,[28] Sloane discovered evidence that the Emperor's command ship, the Super Star Destroyer Eclipse, had not been destroyed but had vanished from the official records.[11]


Dorsal view of the Executor

Following Sloane's disappearance during the attack on Chandrila, Fleet Admiral Rax formally took command of the Ravager as Counselor to the Empire. The Ravager then rendezvoused with a large Imperial armada on the barren planet of Jakku for a showdown with the New Republic.[11] The Ravager was lost in the battle when one of the New Republic's Starhawk-class battleships pulled it into Jakku's gravity well with its ultra-powerful tractor beam, causing the massive capital ship to crash in the sands of the desert planet.[14]


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