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"The least the Empire can do to compensate you for the loss of the Carrion Spike."
―Darth Sidious[src]

Executrix was an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer belonging to the starfleet of the Galactic Empire. It served as Wilhuff Tarkin's personal vessel—during his service as Moff and later Grand Moff—from at least 18 BBY, up until Tarkin took command of the Death Star in 0 BBY, where the Governor was killed.


Besides its several tactical rooms equipped with immense battle analysis holotables, it was the only capital ship in the Imperial fleet with a containment field room.[2]


By 18 BBY, the Executrix was already in the service of Moff Wilhuff Tarkin, and was used at the Campaign at Salient. This battle took many standard weeks, but ultimately led to the defeat of Captains Has Obitt and Saw Gerrera, who led the rebelling factions on Salients I and II. After the capture of captain Obitt, Tarkin used ship's medical station to nurse the smuggler back to health, so that he could spy on Orson Krennic.[12]

In 14 BBY, the Executrix was deployed to the Obroa-skai system after a jump from Lantillies. Accompanied by a task force consisting of three Interdictor vessels, a Detainer CC-2200, a CC-7700 frigate, and an untested Immobilizer 418 cruiser, and other ships—including several frigates, pickets, and gunboats—, the Executrix waited for the arrival of the Carrion Spike, a corvette belonging to Moff Wilhuff Tarkin but had been hijacked by a rebel cell. During the operation, the fugitive corvette was absent, which prompted Tarkin to not only interrogate the crew of the Reticent with Darth Vader, but also enter one of the Executrix's tactical rooms, where he accessed a multitude of top-secret Republic and Imperial databases situated on Coruscant as the Executrix held its position on the Obroa-skai system. Through the databases, he discovered the identity of several of the insurgents, including Berch Teller, and their relationship to the Antar Atrocity.[2]

With Tarkin still on board, the Executrix arrived at a star system close to the Gulf of Tatooine where Teller's insurgents attacked once again, that time to destroy a convoy carrying components for the hyperdrive of one of the Empire's top secret projects, the Death Star. On Tarkin's orders, the Executrix lumbered between the warship's starfighters and the Nebulon-B frigate, and the Imperial cargo ships going to Sentinel Base, turning the tide of the battle as it protected the convoy and deployed its V-Wing starfighters to attack the insurgents' ships. As the Executrix's turbolasers disabled the warship, the Compliant and the Enforcer, arrived from Pii only to see the battle had ended. Following the rebel's capture (except Teller), Tarkin left the Executrix for Coruscant, where he spent three weeks.[2]


Grand Moff Tarkin observes the Death Star from the bridge of the Executrix.

The Emperor himself, Palpatine, awarded the Executrix to Tarkin to compensate him for the loss of the Carrion Spike. In addition to the thousands of troops and technicians who staffed and crewed the massive ship, he had a personal bodyguard of thirty-two stormtroopers who accompanied him wherever he went. Aboard the Executrix, Tarkin traveled from the Core to the Greater Seswenna sector, and Eriadu, in his tour of the major systems of the Outer Rim after being promoted to Grand Moff of the aforementioned oversector.[2]


The Executrix was present for the installation of the Death Star's superlaser.

In 0 BBY, the ship was still in the service of Grand Moff Tarkin, and was used by the Governor to monitor construction of the Death Star, which included the massive superlaser being installed.[9]



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