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This article is about the punishment. You may be looking for the exiled Dark Jedi survivors of the Hundred-Year Darkness, or Meetra Surik, a female Jedi from the time of the Mandalorian Wars known as the Jedi Exile, or other uses of the term.
Force Sensitive Exile EotECR

A Twi'lek survivor of Order 66, who went into exile to escape the Empire

"I had thought you had taken the exile's path, wandering the galaxy."
Atris to Meetra Surik.[src]

Exile was a form of punishment used by numerous cultures and sentient species across the galaxy in which the punished were banished from the society issuing the punishment, rarely ever to return. This form of punishment was known to be practiced by the Jedi Order against members who went against the will of the Order or turned to the dark side. Not all cases of exile were a form of punishment, as any being could place themselves in a self-imposed exile for a wrong they perceived they had done, removing themselves from society to keep them from wronging another again, or for failing a task they had believed they should have accomplished.

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"Into exile I must go. Failed I have."
―Yoda, after being unable to defeat Darth Sidious[src]
The Wanderer CotG

Suljo Warde in self-imposed exile on Moraband

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