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Warning! This page contains spoilers from the episodes "Day," "Night," and "Teach / Corrupt" of The Acolyte. Caution is advised.

"I'd start swimming if you want to make it to the ship before sundown."
―The Stranger, to Osha Aniseya[4]

The Exile II was a sleek starship utilized by the Sith assassin Mae-ho Aniseya during the High Republic Era. Aniseya used the vessel on her quest to hunt down four Jedi who had been stationed on her homeworld of Brendok. In the Exile II, the assassin traveled to the planet Ueda, where she killed Jedi Master Indara, and the world Olega, where she killed Master Torbin. She and her associate "Qimir"—secretly her Sith Master, known as the Stranger—later traveled to the planet Khofar on the vessel to hunt down Master Kelnacca. The Stranger subsequently used the Exile II to return to the planet where he operated with Aniseya's sister, Verosha Aniseya.


The Exile II was a starship with a sleek design, measuring 60.2 meters in length.[1] The vessel featured a bridged outboard front section with two fins that pointed downward[5] and a larger back section with two similar fins pointing upward. The Exile II possessed engines[2] and featured lights on its exterior.[6] When landing, the Exile II descended smoothly[5] and would come to rest on its front fins and a landing gear that extended from the underside of its back section. The vessel was capable of carrying at least two individuals.[2]


"I can get us out of this city."
"And go where?"
―"Qimir" and Mae Aniseya, on traveling from Olega to Khofar[6]

The Exile II docked on Olega

The Exile II was utilized by[1] Mae-ho "Mae" Aniseya,[7] a Sith assassin,[3] during the High Republic Era.[2] In 132 BBY,[8] Aniseya was tasked by her[2] Sith Master, an individual known as "the Stranger,"[9] to hunt down and kill four Jedi who had been stationed on her homeworld of Brendok[2] sixteen years prior.[7] The assassin took the Exile II to[10] the planet[11] Ueda, leaving it on a cliff edge near a village, where she killed Jedi Master Indara.[10] She later departed for[6] the planet[12] Olega, parking the ship on the coast near the city containing the world's Jedi temple.[6]

On Olega, Aniseya killed Master Torbin with the assistance of her associate "Qimir"[6]—who, unknown to Aniseya, was her Master,[9]—but was confronted by a group of Jedi that included Master Sol, another target of hers. The next morning, Aniseya escaped Olega with Qimir's help,[6] and the pair traveled aboard the Exile II to[2] the Outer Rim[6] planet[5] Khofar, where the Wookiee Jedi Master Kelnacca resided. After landing the Exile II in a valley, Aniseya and Qimir disembarked and prepared for a journey into Khofar's forests. When Aniseya, having learned of the survival of her sister,[2] Verosha "Osha" Aniseya,[7] decided to turn herself in to Kelnacca, the Stranger murdered the Wookiee himself and attacked the Jedi team who had visited Khofar to catch Mae,[2] killing all but Sol.[9]

The Stranger later used the Exile II to bring Osha[4]—who had been left behind when Mae knocked her unconscious and switched clothing to pose as her sister[9]—from Khofar to the planet on which he was based, parking the vessel on a rock formation located a short distance across the ocean from the island where he resided. After Osha confronted the Stranger, the latter suggested that she could either start swimming if she wished to reach the Exile II before sundown or wait until the tide was out. Osha contemplated the vessel, ultimately choosing to remain on the planet.[4]

Commanders and crew[]

Mae Aniseya utilized the Exile II during her missions, with the ship providing safe passage between her destinations.[1] The Stranger,[9] in his guise as Qimir, accompanied her in the Exile II while traveling to Khofar,[2] and later used the Exile II himself to transport Osha to his planet.[4]

Behind the scenes[]

"The other part shot on Madeira was at the beginning when they land on Olega. I made a 3-foot miniature in the art department of the spaceship, which is in the foreground before you see the city."
―Kevin Jenkins[13]

The miniature for the Exile II on location in Madeira for "Revenge / Justice"

The Exile II first appeared in "Lost / Found"[10] and "Revenge / Justice,"[6] the first and second episodes of the Disney+ series The Acolyte, which aired simultaneously on June 4, 2024.[14] It was later identified in an entry on the StarWars.com Databank,[1] released alongside the episode guide for the series' fourth episode, "Day," on June 19, 2024.[15] A three-foot miniature of the vessel was created by production designer Kevin Jenkins and the art department. For the shot[13] in the opening of "Revenge / Justice" where the Exile II is parked on Olega,[6] the miniature was filmed on location on the Portuguese island of Madeira.[13]



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