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"There were twelve of us, including several high ranking commanders: High General Ajunta Pall; Marchioness XoXann, commanding the Black Legions; Baron Dreypa, our fleet's sole remaining admiral; Karness Muur, whose Force-centered battle tactics had saved us from the trap at Fluwhaka; and I, Sorzus Syn, grower of living weapons and biological plagues."
Sorzus Syn[src]

The Exiles was a term used in the Galactic Republic space which referred to the twelve Dark Jedi survivors of the Hundred-Year Darkness who were captured and banished into the Unknown Regions along with all their minions. They eventually went on to become the first Sith Lords.[1] Former high ranking commanders during the War against the Jedi, the most powerful Dark Jedi among the Exiles were XoXaan, Remulus Dreypa, Karness Muur, Sorzus Syn and Ajunta Pall. In the Sith, they were known as Jen'jidai.


"The Jedi, so confident in their triumph, did not execute us. With lightsaber points at our backs, they marched us aboard the galleon that would take us into exile, outside the Republic's borders."
Sorzus Syn[src]

The Exiles being loaded into an unarmed transport.

In 6900 BBY the Hundred-Year Darkness ended with the Battle of Corbos by defeating the Dark Jedi. Although members of the Galactic Republic wanted public executions, the Jedi leaders were inclined to banish the rogue Jedi into the Unknown Regions in hopes that with time they would see the error of their ways. The fallen Jedi were stripped of their arms and armor and loaded into unarmed transports on a barren world by their Jedi captors. They were seen out of charted space by an escort of starfighters and left to jump blindly into the uncharted space outside of the Slice.


"I was one of many. We were servants of the dark side. Sith Lords, we called ourselves... So proud. In the end, we were not so proud."
Ajunta Pall[src]

Escorted by XoXaan, Sorzus Syn, and Remulus Dreypa, Ajunta Pall arrives on Korriban.

But the exiles were not traveling without direction. Guided through the Stygian Caldera by Sorzus Syn, who had spent years collecting rumors about the legendary Kingdom of the Sith, they eventually reached Korriban, a planet strong in the dark Side of the Force and home to the Sith people. They awed the primitive species with their display of dark side power and forged an alliance with the Sith king's Shadow Hand to gain the confidence of the king Hakagram Graush, and then overthrew him. They declared themselves rulers of the Sith people and became known as the Lords of the Sith, with their leader being called the Jen'ari, or "Dark Lord" of the Sith.

Some of the Exiles, however, were not satisfied to rule the Sith and wait to gather their strength. Within a year, some Dark Jedi, led by Baron Dreypa, returned to the territory of the Republic to attack the Jedi. They believed they now had the power to crush the Jedi Order, but they were wrong. Their premature actions served only to alert the Republic and their defenders that some of the Exiles survived and taken control of a region called Sith Space out in uncharted space.[1]

Those who remained behind used their alchemical arts to blend their DNA with those of the Sith, allowing their lineage to continue through the Sith species.



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