Exim Panshard was a Sith who held the title of Viceroy. Panshard wore a mask made of meteoric metal which was strong in the dark side of the Force. The mask contained the screams of a hundred innocents slaughtered for the viceroy's pleasure. By 5 ABY, Yupe Tashu had obtained the mask. After conferring with the spirits of fallen Sith, he gifted the mask to the Pantoran Acolyte Kiza. When her boyfriend Remi demanded the mask for himself, Tashu chastised him for angering the fallen specters. He also confiscated Remi's Sith lightsaber and gave it to Kiza. Under the influence of Panshard's mask, Kiza took part in an attack on a New Republic outpost on Devaron and killed Remi when he tried to reclaim his lightsaber.[1]


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