The Exocron Airfleet was the planet-based military force of the planet Exocron.


The Exocron Airfleet operated several large repulsorcraft combat vessels, as well as several classes of skyfighter. Overall command of the fleet fell to the Supreme Admiral, and the fleet was based out of massive hangars on the outskirts of the capital, Caballa City. The flagship of the Airfleet as of 8 ABY was the sky-dreadnaught Maxion under the command of Captain Horzao Darr.[1]

Officers in the Airfleet were trained at a dedicated academy, and wore ornate uniforms with braiding and shoulderboards. Officers carried percussion pistols and short swords as part of their uniform.[1]

The Airfleet maintained a security force which was armed with percussion rifles with a bayonet blade, and they wore protective helmets.[1]


The Airfleet was formed to protect the government from aggressive factions that disagreed with the Devisors. During Exocron's internal conflicts, it supported Council forces, and afterwards concentrated on protecting from threats posed by the Corsairs from the western canyons.[1]

In 8 ABY, Airfleet ships made first contact with off-worlders in the form of the crew of the New Republic corvette FarStar.[1]

By 19 ABY, it had been succeeded by the Exocron Combined Air-Space Fleet, although Airfleet vessels were still an active part of Exocron's defense network.[2]

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