The Expeditious was a Carrack-class light cruiser that served in the Imperial Navy under the command of Captain Rojahn. Intelligence Agent Kirtan Loor was aboard the cruiser when it intercepted the freighter Starwind, carrying former Corellian Security officer Gil Bastra. Bastra was on the run from the Empire, having forged identities for Corran Horn, and Diric and Iella Wessiri, to help them escape from Corellia, and had been pursued by Loor for nearly two years. Taken aboard the Expeditious, Loor interrogated him for the whereabouts of his friends, but Gil died from exposure to bacta because of an allergy he had developed.

On a later mission, the Expeditious was escorted by the Lancer-class frigate Ravager to the Rachuk system, where it was to meet up with Kirtan Loor and carry him directly to the capital city. The two ships arrived in system at the same time as the New Republic was attacking the Imperial base on the planet Vladet. The Ravager was dispatched to engage the enemy fighters while Expeditious remained in safe proximity from the battle. Kirtan Loor, aboard the shuttle Helicon, arrived just as the New Republic destroyed the Ravager, and quickly landed aboard the Expeditious, allowing the cruiser a prompt getaway from the engagement.



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