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The Jedi Exploration Corps, or ExplorCorps, was an archaeological and research branch of the Jedi Service Corps maintained by the Jedi Order and overseen by the Council of Reassignment. Originally founded to survey and chart the myriad stars and planets in the galaxy, the ExplorCorps was made up of Jedi Seekers who used their skills in navigation, surveying, and survival to achieve this goal. Made up of a small fleet of second-hand survey vessels, the Seekers of the ExplorCorps set out to map the galaxy. With bases on nearly every Ordnance/Regional Depot throughout the galaxy, the ExplorCorps had a long history of uncovering ancient civilizations and finding new ones.

History[edit | edit source]

ExplorCorps members embarking on an adventure to explore new territories.

The Jedi Exploration Corps, or ExplorCorps for short, was founded early on during the Jedi Order's relationship with the Galactic Republic. Organized officially as the Archaeological and Research Division of the Service Corps, the ExplorCorps was instrumental in the discovery of many of the galaxy's ancient, forgotten secrets as well as the mapping of several of the galaxy's hyperspace routes. While officially members of the Jedi Order, ExplorCorps members existed outside of the normal class and rank structure that the Order was attempting to establish early on. Because they were not based out of any particular academy or temple, the ExplorCorps Jedi created a fleet of praxeum ships that were outfitted to be space-faring temples and academies[1] These academies were used to train those Jedi Initiates who had failed the Trials at the traditional academy and were reassigned for a different type of learning. These individuals were later assigned piloting or navigational roles aboard the ships, or turned their talents to other duties while ranking Jedi used their more advanced knowledge of the Force to complete many more tasks.[2] In addition to praxeum ships, the ExplorCorps maintained a fleet of of scout, survey, and transport ships that were spread across the galaxy, from which it organized many system and planetary mapping efforts, archaeological expeditions, and other missions of discovery. Aboard the larger vessels in the ExplorCorps fleet, Jedi researchers examined the seemingly endless stream of data, records, and artifacts brought to them by their far-flung colleagues. It was these dedicated researchers who interpreted historical data, translated ancient texts, and studied mysterious artifacts in an attempt to make sense of both Jedi and galactic history at large.[1]

Jedi scouts exploring Tython

Aside from the fleet of praxeum and exploration ships, the ExplorCorps maintained ship yards and research facilities on most ORD worlds within the Republic. From here, non-ExplorCorps Jedi could join up with the fleet to spend time among the stars and learn about the mission of the ExplorCorps. Because of their close association with the Intergalactic Zoological Society, the ExplorCorps had a facility located on Mycroft. In addition, the Corps worked with both the Republic Survey Corps and the Academy of Jedi Archaeology; the latter would uncover relics with the ExplorCorps before turning over their findings to the Educational Corps.[2] Due to the nature of its missions, ExplorCorps was composed primarily of Seekers, with a few Guardians, Consulars, and Sentinels mixed in.[1] Of the different classes that made up the ExplorCorps membership, Navigators and Pathfinders were equally important to the Ambassadors that would represent the Republic to new species or the researchers interested in the study of new cultures. Because they wandered deep into uncharted territory, the members of this branch saw the most combat out of all the Service Corps.[2] As members' missions often took them into the wild parts of the galaxy and exposed them to tremendous danger on a regular basis, they had a reputation as the hardiest, most courageous, and most battle-hardened members of the Jedi Service Corps. This reputation attracted those Jedi from across the Order who had a taste for adventure or who desired to hone their skills in combat and survival.[1]

An ExplorCorps pathfinder navigates through the hyperspace tangles of the Deep Core.

Three Corellian Colonizer ships were in service during the time preceding the Ruusan Reformation; the Beneficia, the Luminosity, and the Silikan Stillness. The pride and joy of the ExplorCorps, these ships were all that remained of the thirteen ships used prior to the New Sith Wars. Because they were meant to help in troublespots, the ships were equipped with laser and ion cannons as well as hangars for several lightweight starfighters. As time passed and the Golden Age of the Old Republic dispelled memories of the horrors of the Sith, the Order began the construction of a new ship at the Abhean Shipyards. Once complete, the Sunburris, named after Jedi ace Crix Sunburris and later renamed the Chu'unthor, would cruise along the stars for several centuries.[2]

After the execution of Order 66 and the rise of the Galactic Empire, the ExplorCorps was dissolved and all its members were executed, or went into hiding. While many of the smaller scout ships helped Jedi escape into the Outer Rim and Unknown Regions during the fall of the Order, most of the larger ships were wiped out, despite the ExplorCorps decentralized nature. It was rumored in the time immediately proceeding Order 66 that at least one of the ExplorCorps' large research vessels survived the purge and was anchored in an unnamed system in the Unknown Regions, far beyond the Empire's reach.[1] Decades later when the Order was rebuilt, Grand Master Luke Skywalker opted not to reform the ExplorCorps in favor of incorporating the ideas of both groups into the mainstream Jedi Order.[2]

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