Extracting Aleece is a mini-adventure designed for 12th level heroes. It was published in the Galaxy of Intrigue sourcebook.

Plot summaryEdit

A group of heroes are assigned a retrieval mission by General Airen Cracken to rescue Tehlan Aleece, the niece of Moff Venram Krax. She is on Corellia and Tehlan believes her cover might be blown soon.

The heroes are given a Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft and use it to travel to Corellia. Entering orbit, they have to bluff their way past a small fleet led by an Imperial I-class Star Destroyer. Upon landing, the group makes contact with Tehlan. She refuses to leave until after the birthday party and dinner for her uncle, as to not raise suspicions. She arranges for the heroes to act as her bodyguards for the night. She tells them to keep an eye on her date for the evening, Snaeb Fronk, since she believes he is the person who is suspicious of her.

It turns out he is suspicious of Tehlan, but hasn't reported her yet. The heroes interrupt him attempting to threaten her, and they quickly overpower and intimidate Snaeb into admitting he hasn't turned Tehlan in yet. He is detained by the heroes and they then proceed to the party.

At the party, everything seems to be going well until an officer goes over to Moff Krax and whispers something into his ear. Tehlan notices the situation, and stages a distraction with a male hero. She bursts into tears, claiming the hero is a "vornskr", and storms out of the room.

The group then makes it way to the spaceport, where their ship is docked. They have to avoid patrols, including Imperial heavy troopers. Unfortunately, they find their ship surrounded by stormtroopers. They steal Moff Krax's modified Lambda-class T-4a shuttle and make their escape to hyperspace.


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