"Remora-one, we've been compromised. Heading to marker 025 for an extraction."
―Rex, to Echo after being shot down[2]

"Extraction" is the seventh episode of the third season of Star Wars: The Bad Batch. The episode premiered on March 13, 2024 alongside the sixth episode.[1]

Official description[]

As enemies close in, the Batch must evacuate a stronghold.

Plot summary[]

On the run[]

The Clone X trooper CX-2 emerges from the ruins of the former B'omarr Order Monastery on Teth that served as Rex's Clone Underground base. While he is unhurt, his armor's wrist comlink has been damaged. Omega, the Bad Batch, Rex, Batcher, and Howzer also survive the explosion and exit the bunker through an underground passage. The underground passage leads to a deep hole where the Clone Underground's leech vessel is docked ten levels underground. While the ship lacks a hyperdrive, Rex thinks they can use it to contact Echo.

Wolffe and his Clone commandos and TK stormtroopers arrive in two Rho-class transport shuttles outside the burning temple. When Wolffe notices that the fallen enemy are fellow Clone troopers, CX-2 explains that he had neutralized most of the rogue cell but that the rest are trapped inside with the target Omega. Wolffe is angry that CX-2 blew up Rex's base despite receiving orders to retrieve their target unharmed. CX-2 responds that Omega is still alive. Wolffe asserts his authority and relays orders for Hilo to set their blasters to stun. While the Clone commandos enter the base, CX-2 looks at his ship in the jungle and attempts to activate his wrist comlink.

Inside the base, Wolffe's forces find that the rebels have fled through the middle of the spire. Wolffe sends team one to infiltrate the rock from the platform below. He orders other soldiers to seal the entrance from the insides. Team two is ordered to hold their position and stay alert. CX-2 enters the tunnel. When a stormtrooper asks if they should pursue the "operative," Wolffe orders him and his colleagues to proceed with the plan and seal off the access point.

Wolffe takes Team one in their shuttle to the base of the rock. There, they find a door that leads to the tunnels beneath the former monastery. While the Bad Batch and Rex's surviving forces walk down the stairwell leading to the leech ship, CX-2 abseils down the pit using a grappling cable. Nemec senses movement and realizes that the Imperials have breached the bottom. CX-2 also fires at them through a window. Crosshair fires a detonator that causes CX-2's cable to snap. CX-2 manages to grab a ledge further down and enters the stairwell.

Jungle pursuit[]

The rogue clones manage to reach the leech vessel Remora-one Batcher licks Nemec, prompting Omega to reassure Nemec that the lurca hound only bites half the time. The leech vessel escapes the rock but CX-2 fires a long-range blaster at the vessel, damaging its engines. Rex crashlands the leech vessel at Marker 025 and relays the coordinates to Echo. Wolffe and his troops prepare to pursue the fugitives. He chastises CX-2 for defying orders to use only stun blasts. CX-2 counters that he prevented Omega from escaping offworld. The Imperials depart in their shuttles for the upper jungle region.

The rogue clones and Batcher exit the crashed Remora-one safely. Crosshair checks if Omega has her energy crossbow and warns her not to get lost in the jungle. Omega is annoying at his nagging and compares him to Hunter. Nemec says they will rendezvous with Echo five klicks north. As they move northwards, CX-2 and Imperial forces arrive at the crash site and continue the pursuit on foot.

Howzer notices that Crosshair cares about Omega and asked what changed since the events on Ryloth. Crosshair explains he is motivated by loyalty but realized that the Galactic Empire regarded him and other Clones as disposable. Howzer expresses agreement. Meanwhile, a TK stormtrooper informs Wolffe that they have been unable to find the insurgents in the jungle. Wolffe orders his troops to monitor the rogue clones' comms and believes they have not gone far. Hilo reports that the operative has gone rogue and Wolffe vows to deal with him later. The Clones and stormtroopers return to their shuttles.

Wolffe's Imperial forces eventually catch up with the rogue clones, who take up position behind several rocks. At Omega's suggestion, the rogue clones use smoke grenades to disorientate the Imperials. They stun several Imperials. The Bad Batch take out several Clone commandos and stormtroopers in hand to hand combat. Crosshair also shoots one of the Imperial pilots, causing one of the shuttles to crash and explode.

Crosshair's fight[]

As they reach the extraction site, the rogue clones come under attack from CX-2, who shoots Nemec dead. Since they are out of smoke grenades, Crosshair volunteers to draw CX-2's fire so that the others can reach the rendezvous point. Omega disagrees but Crosshair proceeds with his plan. He exchanges fire with CX-2 and the two end up near a waterfall. The two fight hand to hand. Crosshair also grabs the assassin's rifle, which ricochets among the rocks. Following a struggle, the two fall into the waterfall and are swept downstream by the currents.

The Bad Batch, Rex and Howzer follow along the path as Crosshair and CX-2 fall down the waterfall. They reach a pool where CX-2 attacks Crosshair with a vibroblade. CX-2 chastises Crosshair for choosing the "wrong side." Crosshair knocks the blade out of his hand but CX-2 knocks him down with several punches. Before he can drown Crosshair, Howzer shoots him in the back with a stun blast and he is swept away down a second waterfall. He and Hunter pull Crosshair to safety.

Reunion with Wolffe[]

They reach their extraction point but Wolffe arrives in the second remaining shuttle with several Clone Commandos and stormtroopers. As the rogue clones prepare to make their last stand, Wolffe orders them to drop their weapons. Wolffe is surprised to see Rex, who drops his weapon and removes his helmet. Wolffe is surprised that Rex survived a crashed attack cruiser. Wolffe also removes his helmet. Rex confirmed that he did survive but lost a lot of good men that day and also today.

Wolffe asks if Rex is fighting against them. Rex responds that he is fighting against the Empire. He tells Wolffe that the Empire is imprisoning and experimenting on their brothers, and has also killed others. Wolffe expresses disbelief but Rex says that Omega has seen it. Omega says she has seen it happening on Tantiss Base. Rex invites Wolffe to joins them.

Wolffe responds that he is a soldier of the Empire and has his orders. He demands that they hand Omega over in return for a fair trial. Rex pleads with Wolffe to overcome his programming and tells him that he is hunting a child. He tells Rex that is not who he is and pleads with him to do the right thing. Shortly later, Echo arrives in his starship, which he parks opposite Wolffe's ship.

Wolffe orders his troops to stand down and allows Rex, the Bad Batch, Omega and Batcher to escape in Echo's ship. Wolffe gives orders to recover the fallen before moving out. When a Clone commando points out that the rogue clones are traitors, he responds that they are clones and they owe them that. Wolffe's forces depart in their shuttle. Meanwhile, CX-2 climbs out of the waterfall pool, alive but exhausted.


While traveling aboard Echo's ship, Hunter apologizes for the loss of Rex's men. Rex says that he thought that the end of the Clone Wars would mean an end to losing more of their brothers. When Rex says he was wrong, Hunter replies that he can't win this fight since the Empire is too strong. Rex is unwilling to give up the fight but vows to help Hunter protect Omega. Rex thinks that Omega is vital to the Empire's work on Tantiss and that Hunter needs to find out why Omega is so important to the Empire. Hunter reflects on Rex's words while Omega sleeps with Batcher.



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