"Calling all Rebel Alliance vessels. This is K-2SO on behalf of Extraction Team Bravo."

Extraction Team Bravo, also referred to as Bravo Team, was a military unit that served the Alliance to Restore the Republic under the command of General Davits Draven during the lead-up to the Galactic Civil War.[2] In 0 BBY,[5] the extraction team was sent on a mission to break out Jyn Erso—a human female criminal who would later become a key figure in the theft of the Death Star plans—from a labor camp that was used by the Galactic Empire on the planet Wobani.[3]

After a successful extraction on the planet's surface, their U-wing transport, Bravo One, encountered a minor technical setback and was unable to jump to hyperspace. The team took refuge in an asteroid field in the Wobani system and a priority transmission to all available Rebel vessels was sent by K-2SO[2]—a KX-series security droid[6] who formerly served the Empire.[7] An X-wing starfighter squadron called Red Flight answered their call and saved them from incoming Imperial forces.[2]



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