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"Direct action is not always the best way; it is a far greater victory to make another see through your eyes than to close theirs forever."

An eye detached from the body

The eye was the primary visual organ of most biological lifeforms, comparable to the photoreceptors used by droids and cyborgs.[source?] The outer coat enclosing the eyeball was referred to as the sclera.[2]

Most sentient species in the galaxy fared with a set of two eyes, most notably Humans. There were some exceptions to this. Three-eyed species included the Gran,[3] Kobok,[4] and the Ubuugan.[5] Four-eyed species including the Emente,[6] the Talz,[7] Hysalrians,[8] the Ualaq subspecies of Aqualish,[9] the T'surr,[10] Annoo-dat Prime,[11] Nalrithians,[12] and another four-eyed species.[13] Six-eyed species included the Harch.[14]

Non-sentient species included the four-eyed Nexu.[15]



Chiss had piercing red eyes

In most species, the eye worked by directing light onto the optic nerve by means of a lens, and was protected by an eyelid designed to remove foreign objects and shade against bright lights.[source?] There were many variations, from the subtly degraded night-vision of the local Human population of Hapes,[16] through the night-vision enhancing glowing red eyes of the Chiss,[17] to the multi-faceted eyes of Rodians,[18] the infrared vision of species like the Barabels, the eyes of the Ssi-ruuk with their sensitive retinae and highly-evolved eyelids,[source?] and the exotic visual perceptions of the spacegoing Oswaft.[19]

There were also species like the Miraluka, who lost their eyes in the course of their evolution, depending instead on the Force,[9] and the Shaper caste of the Yuuzhan Vong species, who had bred several species of highly sophisticated creatures called mqaaq'it to serve as symbiotic artificial eyes.[20] Yuuzhan Vong had eye sacks under their eyes.

Vader yelloweyes

Darth Vader's eyes turned yellow by his immersion in the dark side.

The photosensitive cilia on the Cloak of Nuun, another Yuuzhan Vong biot, were perhaps among the most exotic organic eyes known. Tiny membranes covering the creature's entire surface, they saw the immediate area with near-perfect accuracy from every angle, enabling the cloaker to disguise itself, chameleon-like, against its surroundings.[21]

The eyes of some Force-sensitives changed from their original colors to shades of fiery red-rimmed yellow, orange or red when they were deeply immersed in the dark side of the Force.[22][23] However, sometimes a darksider's natural eye color would remain or return.[22][24]


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