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"I am the Eye of Webbish Bog. I know what you seek."
―The Eye of Webbish Bog, to Kylo Ren[src]

The Eye of Webbish Bog was a spider-like being that existed on the planet Mustafar. It was locked in symbiosis with a blind giant, living within a lake near the Corvax Fen. It claimed to have been tasked with guardianship of the Sith wayfinder of Darth Vader, and directed Supreme Leader Kylo Ren to its location after he destroyed the cultists protecting it.[1]

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Behind the scenes[edit | edit source]

"That was a character that was designed very early on in the day. Jake Lunt [Davies], who's one of my concept designers, we were all playing around with this idea and talking about it and he did this drawing and J.J. saw it and went, 'That is amazing.' It was one of those moments where it was like, 'This has to be in the movie.' So we actually did build it and we took it to a place called Black Park in the UK, which is close to Pinewood Studios, where we shot it in a lake on location, and that sequence exists. Unfortunately it didn't make it to the movie story, plot-wise, etc. It was a fully practical character shot in a location, and it is amazing."
―Neal Scanlan, on the Eye of Webbish Bog[src]

The Eye of Webbish Bog appeared in Rae Carson's Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded Edition, the novelization of the 2019 film Star Wars: Episode IX The Rise of Skywalker, the third and final installment of the Star Wars sequel trilogy.[1]

According to creature and special make-up effects creative supervisor Neal Scanlan, creature concept designer Jake Lunt Davies designed the Eye early on the development of The Rise of Skywalker. Director J.J. Abrams approved the design and requested its inclusion in the film, leading the special effects team to build the character, which was taken to be filmed on location in a lake at Black Park, near Pinewood Studios. Though the scene was filmed, it was cut due to runtime concerns. In an interview with the website Collider, Scanlan claimed that the scene was too lengthy an explanation for information that could be explained more concisely. Scanlan nevertheless stated that he was interested in revisiting the Eye of Webbish Bog's design for further Star Wars projects, such as the television series The Mandalorian.[2]

In the concept art, the Eye of Webbish Bog was referred to as the "Oracle".[3]

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