"I am the Eye of the Nihil, as was my father before me."
―Marchion Ro[2]

The Eye of the Nihil was a position held by a leading member of the Nihil during the High Republic Era. Like his father before him, Marchion Ro was a member of the Nihil marauders who held the important post of Eye of the Nihil, and although he did not give orders—which the Tempest Runners were responsible for—everything revolved around Ro, who provided the factors that made the Nihil more than just a horde of Outer Rim raiders.[1] The Eye was placed in charge of protecting, discovering, and distributing Paths. This changed in 232 BBY when Marchion Ro had united all of the Tempests under his rule after the Battle of Kur by promising to expand their operations throughout the galaxy and defend their way of life from the Galactic Republic and the Jedi Order.[2] The Jedi were unaware of Ro's existence and mistakenly believed that the Twi'lek Tempest Runner Lourna Dee was the Eye. After the Battle of Galov, Dee was believed killed[3] and Jedi High Council member Stellan Gios reported that there was unsubstantiated reports of a number of possible candidates for her replacement, including the Talpini Zeetar.[4]

The Eye of the Nihil had a tie-breaking vote in matters related to Paths.[5]

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Period Eye of the Nihil
252 BBY Shalla Ro.png
Shalla Ro[6]
252 BBY242 BBY AsgarRo.png
Asgar Ro[2]
242 BBY— MarchionUnmasked.png
Marchion Ro[2]



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