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"While Eyes' actions are clear, his past and motivations remain a mystery. He is not to be trusted."
―Rebel Alliance General Airen Cracken[src]

"Eyes" was a Force-sensitive information broker who operated during the reign of the Galactic Empire. A member of an unknown alien species, Eyes wound up at some point on the planet Camden in the Outer Rim Territories, observing activities in the Snakes' Den spaceport and building up a plethora of contacts. Eventually becoming a professional informant, Eyes ran a lucrative business from the Jade Simian restaurant. For undisclosed reasons, Eyes harbored an intense personal hatred of Galactic Emperor Palpatine. Eventually, the Rebel Alliance noticed Eyes' work, and, impressed, hired the alien as an undercover operative. However, their trust in Eyes was never great, and they never permitted the information merchant to see any sensitive information.

Nothing was known about Eyes' origins. Rumor had it that Eyes was a member of an alien species wiped out by Palpatine, though this was merely one of many theories. Eyes was widely thought to be male, though in truth even "his" gender was unknown. An amoral being, Eyes killed a fellow sentient in cold blood on at least one occasion, using natural Force-sensitivity and divination to track down and later murder an Imperial security officer.


Early lifeEdit

Next to nothing was known of this being's early life. Eyes chose to reveal absolutely no information about any personal background, motivations, species of origin, or even gender, though most referred to "him" as male. Eyes had a peculiar appearance, with over two dozen eyes, varying greatly in size. Each of the mass of eyes was unique—most were on the end of long, slender stalks, while several others had no such stalks. One of these eyes was significantly larger than the rest, though the diameter and pupil size of the rest varied. Eyes had a long neck, with several minuscule tentacles protruding from it, and had two thin arms. Each arm had a large, two-fingered hand, which Eyes used as pincers to hold objects. Eyes was a Force-sensitive, and had a basic understanding of Force powers, including the skill of telepathy. Although Eyes' origins and motivations were obscure, many speculated about the alien's identity. According to Alliance to Restore the Republic General Airen Cracken, some said that Eyes was a member of an alien species wiped out by one of Galactic Emperor Palpatine's genocidal policies. However, these theories were never backed up with concrete evidence, and Eyes' past remained a mystery.[1]

During the reign of the first Galactic Empire, Eyes worked as an information broker on the planet Camden, located in the Outer Rim Territories region of space. Camden was located on one of the many trade routes the galaxy encompassed, and it saw a great many freighters and spacers from all stretches of the universe passed through daily. Eyes operated out of Snakes' Den, a seedy Camden spaceport, due to its unofficial capacity as a major crossroads for all kinds of fringers. After arriving at Snakes' Den, Eyes began to watch and listen closely to everything that was going on in the bustling spaceport. After spending day after day making these observations, Eyes made many friends, as people knew the alien would trade knowledge for credits and favors. Over time, Eyes had enough potential clients to set up a full-time operation as an information broker. Eyes held court in the Jade Simian restaurant on Camden, where people would line up to meet with the mysterious alien informant.[1]


Eyes' system of learning and repeating snippets of information eventually formed an operation of immense proportions; driven by an unknown goal, Eyes became a legend among fringers, with a network that grew until it could easily match the capabilities of any Imperial Intelligence organization. General Cracken included a profile of Eyes in a collection of files on independent operatives who regularly worked for the Rebel Alliance.[1] The smuggler and Rebel Platt Okeefe also listed Eyes as one of several information merchants who might serve as useful contacts for her fellow smugglers.[2] Thousands of people traded information with Eyes, giving the operation a constant flow of information. However, Eyes was more than just an information broker, and was known to have killed at least one person in cold blood—an Imperial security officer who had angered the alien informant. Eyes used divinatory abilities to track down and murder this particular Imperial officer. Eyes was known to have committed other misdeeds, though the details were not listed in Cracken's profile of Eyes.[1]

Eventually, Eyes' operations came to the attention of the Alliance to Restore the Republic, who knew they could use the talents to great effect. Eyes was happy enough to work for the Rebels; Eyes had an intense personal grudge against Emperor Palpatine, although no one ever learned exactly why. While completely willing to break Imperial law and aid the Alliance, Eyes always expected full payment in either goods, credits, services, or information. Eyes was generally believed to be loyal to the Rebels—disloyalty to any customer would have been bad for business—though the Alliance was careful never to entrust the alien with sensitive information.[1]

One high-ranking Alliance member who was not entirely convinced by the alien information broker was General Airen Cracken, who had many more doubts on Eyes than most. He issued reports on many of the Alliance's undercover agents to many members, including a small biography and a personal addendum. On Eyes' addendum, Cracken said that Eyes only worked with the Alliance because it was momentarily convenient for the alien's mysterious goals, and that Eyes was not to be trusted by Alliance operatives. He also stated that Eyes might well go over to the dark side of the Force due to a lack of morality.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

Eyes was surrounded with an aura of mystery, with an unknown past and secretive goals. A selfish being, Eyes was not above using various unscrupulous means to achieve a goal, up to and including murder. While Eyes' motives for working against the Empire were the subject of some speculation, their exact nature was not common knowledge. General Cracken described Eyes as having no sense of morality; to a man like Cracken motivated by moral objections to the Empire, Eyes was an untrustworthy being with suspicious goals who could potentially turn against the Alliance.[1]

Eyes was a skilled bargainer, a skill which was used to great advantage when building up a network of sources and clients. Eyes wore simple clothing, and carried a hold-out blaster, a comlink, and a mysterious amulet. This amulet was believed to have had some sort of religious significance, though, like many of the details surrounding the alien informant, this was merely a theory.[1]

Powers and abilitiesEdit

Eyes was Force-sensitive, and used the Force as a means to magnify natural senses, to sense the presence and identity of other sentients, and to read the minds of other sentients using basic telepathy. Eyes also used divination and telepathy to track down adversaries on at least one occasion. General Cracken's profile on Eyes speculated that these abilities may have been common among Eyes' species.[1]

In addition to these skills, Eyes was an adept forger and investigator, with a wide knowledge of various species, languages, and cultures—especially those of the underworld. The informant also had some skill as a computer programmer, and moderate proficiency with a hold-out blaster.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Eyes was created by Star Wars author Sean Fannon for the 1991 Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game supplement called Cracken's Rebel Operatives. Eyes was depicted in an illustration by Mike Vilardi. Eyes was subsequently mentioned in Platt's Smugglers Guide by Peter M. Schweighofer, as one of several examples of "infochant" characters described in other Star Wars: The Roleplaying Game supplements who could be used as contacts by smuggler player characters.


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