"Eyes on the Prize" is a comic strip published in the sixth issue of the Star Wars Rebels Magazine. The story was written by Jeremy Barlow, illustrated by Bob Molesworth and edited by Gunther Nickel. It was published on June 17, 2015.[1]

Barlow imagined the story taking place in between the Star Wars Rebels episodes "Gathering Forces" and "Path of the Jedi."[3] However, this information is not officially established as canon.


The two bounty hunters, Fissol and Gowski, have heard from a Duros bounty hunter that there is a Jedi on Lothal. They go after this Jedi to find Ezra Bridger in caves on Lothal trying to practice his training. After a short chase they quickly overcome Ezra and kidnap him. Later on, Kanan Jarrus is curious onto where Ezra has gone off to. Hera Syndulla then tells him that Ezra told her he was going on an errand for him. Kanan then realizes Ezra may be in trouble and goes after him. The bounty hunters have knocked out Ezra and gagged him; they comment that the Empire better pay them handsomely for the Jedi's capture. Kanan then reveals himself to them and rescues Ezra. Ezra comments that now they know there are Jedi on Lothal and Kanan tricks them into thinking there are no Jedi and sends them back to where they came from.


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Notes and references[]

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