"Ezra's Vision" is a comic strip published in the eighth issue of the Star Wars Rebels Magazine series by Egmont UK Ltd. It was written by Martin Fisher, illustrated by Bob Molesworth and edited by Gunther Nickel. The comic was published on August 12, 2015.

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Plot Summary[edit | edit source]

Ezra Bridger had been having nightmares in which he dreamt of killing Garazeb Orrelios. After Orrelios returned from a solo mission, strange events began to happen. Apparently this was due to Clawdite bounty hunter who managed to infiltrate the Ghost by shape-shifting into Orrelios' likeness. After a chase, Bridger had to confront his nightmare when he went face-to-face with Orrelios and the Clawdite, not knowing which one is which.

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Notes and references[edit | edit source]

  1. An email from Martin Fisher, author of "Ezra's Vision," to Wookieepedian LelalMekha reveals that "Ezra's Vision" takes place between "Vision of Hope" and "Call to Action". Star Wars: Galactic Atlas dates both of these episodes to 4 BBY, meaning that "Ezra's Vision" must also take place in 4 BBY.
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