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Ezra's second lightsaber was a lightsaber constructed by Ezra Bridger, a Padawan and rebel who lived in the years prior to the Battle of Yavin, sometime after the destruction of his first one at the hands of Darth Vader during the mission to Malachor.


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Ezra wielding his second lightsaber.

Following the destruction of Ezra Bridger's lightsaber by Darth Vader at Malachor[3] Ezra built a new lightsaber sometime between 3 BBY and 2 BBY.[1] During the mission to Krownest, Sabine Wren wielded the lightsaber when she fought Viceroy Gar Saxon who wielded the Darksaber.[7]

Later on, during a mission to investigate what the Empire was doing with large kyber crystals, Saw Gerrera briefly used this weapon to ignite one of such crystals to destroy the Imperial freighter that was carrying it.[8]

During a final battle to free Lothal, after Ezra's strike team seized control of the Imperial Complex, Ezra left his lightsaber in the hands of Sabine Wren after Grand Admiral Thrawn issued an ultimatum in which Ezra had to turn himself in alone onboard the Chimaera to prevent the Capital City from being bombarded. After Ezra managed to repel Thrawn's Imperial fleet from Lothal, Sabine used the lightsaber once again to smash a window out of the Complex as the rebels rigged it to blow, providing them a quick escape route.[4]

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Ezra wielding his lightsaber

Ezra's new lightsaber featured a hilt with a black grip and silver accents. Unlike his previous lightsaber, which utilized a blue Kyber crystal, his new lightsaber contained a green Kyber crystal. It was also built to the more traditional lightsaber design, as opposed to his old blaster-lightsaber hybrid.[2]

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Ezra Bridger's second lightsaber was first revealed in the tenth episode of the The Star Wars Show, a series of behind-the-scenes YouTube videos produced by that give official news regarding upcoming Star Wars media and events.[9] It made its first appearance on the animated television series Star Wars Rebels in the third season premiere episode Star Wars Rebels: Steps Into Shadow.[1]


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