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The F-11D blaster rifle was a blaster rifle manufactured by Sonn-Blas Corporation. This ranged weapon was the successor of the older E-11 medium blaster rifle used by the Galactic Empire. It served as the standard issue weapon of First Order stormtroopers.[1]


First Order stormtroopers using F-11D blaster rifles.

Design features included an adjustable J19 electroscope with eight-power magnification and low-light capability, a removable stock assembly, magnatomic adhesion grip with integrated power feed instigator and a collapsible foregrip. The power pack on the F-11D was moved from the left-hand side of the blaster to the right hand side to enable the blaster to be holstered on the right leg of the stormtrooper's armor. Captain Phasma used an F-11D that featured a chromium finish, buttstock, and a recurved trigger guard.[1]

First Order Snowtroopers had a modified F-11D that had antifogging optics and heat shunting devices. These helped the weapon function in colder climes.[3]

The F-11D was also used by Commander Pyre that featured a gold finish[4] similar to Phasma's but without the buttstock. Captain Phasma was also seen using her F-11D without a buttstock at times.[source?]


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