F-22-RGKx, also known simply as F-22, was a masculine[2] F series repair droid[1] with green photoreceptors and silver plating, with a gold trim.[2] By the year 4.3 ABY,[3] he was employed by the Star Tours travel agency and performed maintenance on the fans in Tomorrowland Starport's hangar. F-22 possessed a cantankerous attitude, finding various things to complain about, from the factory he used to work at, to how "kid" droids were like currently, even down to his "mother-in-law."[4] When he had finished his job for the day, F-22 often went to the Alien Quarter Cantina. He also enjoyed listening to The Rolling Droids and drinking oil on the rock.[2]

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"Works in the Hanger doing maintenance on the fans."
―F-22's description in Complete Guide to Star Tours[src]

F-22-RGKx was created for Tokyo Disneyland's simulator ride theme park attraction Star Tours, which opened on July 12, 1989.[2]



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