The F1 exploration droid was designed to be used by scouts on the frontier, acting as a companion and protector.


The F1 exploration droid was a one-meter tall quadrupedal droid with a distinctly canine look.[1] The F1 was equipped with two photoreceptors, audio sensors, olfactory sensors, a motion sensor array[2] and infrared sensors, as well as a communications array that linked to starship located at the rear of its body. It also had a set of grasping jaws that were specifically designed to hold something without crushing it. However, the droid had limited verbal communication capability, and could only emit a narrow range of warning sounds.[1]


The F1 exploration droid was designed to accompany scouts into the field during their explorations of new planets[1] as a companion and protector.[2] Using their substantial sensor array, F1s were intended to alert the scout to any approaching lifeforms or vehicles that could cause potential harm to their owner. The droid could use their sensors to locate and potentially rescue a scout that was in danger, and use its grasping jaws to lift and drag them out of danger.[1]



A F1 exploration droid

F1 droids were favored by scouts exploring the frontier.[1] The scout Zeb used a pack of F1s during one of their earliest scouting missions. Zeb found that by tasking the droids with perimeter security, the scout could relax and use the time to analyze recon data without the fear of being ambushed by a local beast.[2]

During the Galactic Civil War, Davaire Colmar, posting in version 4.7.1 of Cynabar's Droid Datalog recounted a rumor that the bounty hunter Noval Garaint, based in the Kheedar system, had reprogrammed a half dozen F1s to serve as heavily-armed bodyguards. The thief Tombat supposedly had a run in with them during a break-in.[2]


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